IB training has developed unparalleled expertise and experience in customer service. Many organizations rely on IB training to help them identify the skills they need in order to support the systems and technologies they use every day.

A complete course catalog around the business of IT

The offer IB Training focuses on systems and networks, security, telecommunications, application development, database but also methods to oversee the project management. Not to mention the user training evolved around the office applications and collaboration.

A provided schedule sessions

The planning rhythm is regularly revisited as needed and by its availability.

Partner of the major software and hardware manufacturers in the market

IB Training displayed strong relationships with its partners to ensure that we do not deliver the content only "official" but also that we adhere to the same quality of commitments. This does not prevent our instructors to develop transverse and independent way, since the demand in the market is not open.

Certification Preparation

IB Training emphasizes support for certification candidates.

An internal driving force composed of certified instructors

Our trainers divide their time between animation training sessions, support for outside training interns, qualification requirements at the client, or the conducting of seminars on the outside. They are primarily the main contact for training technicians.

A proven expertise in implementing projects yourself

In addition to being flexible and adaptable, practices and methodologies may include solutions as diverse as achieving MCQ pre or post training.

IB Training puts quality at the heart of its operations and is committed to compliance with the following commitments :