The strategy is an art of adaptation even of domination, companies and organizations need solutions to capture information, manage, understand, translate, plan and decide. In your company, at all levels decisions have to be prompt, appropriate and consistent. This information are the first capital for your process decision.


IB Maroc brings a deep background knowledge and technological expertise to identify the information that enables to improve your decision-making process, financial management, and regulatory compliance and customer services management. Our information service strategy, data hosting, data analysis information measures, analyzes and optimizes performance across your entire company. Our Business Intelligence division enables organizations to transform data into knowledge, and offers higher levels of performance.

ERP offering

with our ERP proposition, IB Maroc offers a rich catalog of services from consulting to integration with your IT. Our approach is to ensure consistency between the main drivers of performance:
We offer:

BI offers

Our overall approach (technical and organizational) allows us to support you on all phases of your project decision: